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Hello! Welcome to Raj's Finance. Since my childhood, I had been advised to study hard and get the most proficient job. This will secure my life and bring financial stability. I guess many of you were also been advised in the similar manner. This is the most common traditional advice usually given by financially middle and lower-class family parents to their children. They believe a salaried job is the safest and secured option, and [...]

Converting your expense into an investment can be a goldmine for Financial Independence

Can you convert your expense into your investment? If you can, it can be a goldmine for Financial Independence. Are you aware of the difference between expense and investment? Yes, of course! I believe most of the people are aware of the difference between expense and Investment. However, very few are aware of the process through which you can convert your expense into an investment. In this article, I am going to reveal a simple concept through which you can do it. A journey to Financial Independence is not an easy task. But with proper mindsets, if you can convert our expense into investment, it can be a goldmine to achieve Financial Independence. Network marketing is the tool you can use for this. Also, it needs a lot of patience and consistent effort.

20 Passive Income ideas you must try in 2019 on your journey to Financial Independence

Under the pressure of corporate life and marginal income from their job, so many people aspire to have some passive income. Passive income is all about earning money without putting much effort. It is the income which keeps flowing to your account even while you are sleeping. Having passive income enable you to follow your passion and spent quality time with your family. Ultimately, it is the passive income which may lead you to Financial Independence. In this article, I am going to reveal 20 passive income ideas which you must try in 2019 on your journey to Financial Independence.

Action to be taken towards Financial Independence depends upon the cash flow quadrant in which you make money

We all have some sort of idea about Financial Independence. I had also explained the kind of mindsets required to achieve Financial Independence. But knowing about Financial Independence and the kind of mindsets needed to achieve Financial Independence is not enough. The result always comes from actions. So in this article, I will explain about action to be taken towards Financial Independence. Actions needed to be taken depend upon the cash flow quadrant in which you make money.

What is difference between Wealth and Income? Leveraging is the key skill to build wealth quickly.

What is difference between Income and wealth? Income is what you earn. Income is usually defined in terms of money. The money that an individual or business earn as their salary in returns of providing a good, services or through investing capital is called income. It involves the flow of cash. While wealth is the net worth that an individual owns. It is equal to the value of all their assets minus all their liabilities. It includes all their assets such as money, personal property and real estate. It takes time to acquire wealth from income. What is leverage? Leverage comes from root word- Lever. Lever comes from an old French word meaning “to make lighter,” which is an apt description of the power of leverage. Similar is the case with wealth. You can use a lever to leverage your money and time to turns your wealth into manifolds.

Mindsets required to achieve Financial Independence

Looking for Financial Independence? I have some questions. Why do you want to be Financially Independent? Are you tired of your hectic 9 AM to 5 PM job? Are you tired of daily instructions from your bosses? Do you want to be your own boss? Are you a big dreamer? Are you looking for financial security? Whatever be your reasons, it is important to know, what it means to be Financially Independent. But the knowing about Financial Independence is not just enough to achieve it. To successfully achieve financial Independence, a proper mindset is utterly important. In this article, I am going to reveal some important mindsets required to achieve Financial Independence.

A journey to Financial Independence- a basic concept for the beginners

Financial Independence, a dream which keeps billions of people awakens overnight across the world. Financial Independence is one of the most discussed topics among the professionals who are struggling with their financial situations and wanting to do something, to eliminate their financial challenges. In order to eradicate their financial challenges, professionals go for changing their jobs frequently, many go for start-ups, entrepreneurship, side businesses, multiple jobs, etc. Struggling with financial challenges, everyday many new beginners start their journey of financial independence. But the success rate is very marginal. What does it means? More is the discussion, there are more misconceptions. So, what is Financial Independence? People define Financial Independence in several ways. I define Financial Independence as to retire early with enough passive income to afford all luxuries you have dreamed about. I would like to attract attention toward three important parts in the definition- early retirement, passive income and afford all luxuries.

Cash flow is the king of financial intelligence – a basic concept for beginners

What is cash flow? In literature terms, it seems like flow of some amount of cash. Didn’t it sound weird? In finance, it means the amount of cash or cash equivalent being transferred in and out of a business. But what does it means in a personal life? Have you heard the term cash flow? When did this term get introduced to you? I guess most of the people come across this term when they start their professional carriers and get a job profile to deal with the financial aspects of business of their companies. People from commerce background may have some chances that they might get introduced to this term during their academic education period. Unfortunately, some of the people never get introduced to this term for entire their life. I am asking all these questions because I believe cash flow is the basic key of financial understanding. Understanding the importance of the concept of cash flow, I have termed, cash flow is the king of financial intelligence. In this article I am not going to discuss about cash flow of a business but about cash flow of a personal life.

How to get out of household debt? 10 easy ways to pay off household debt

Household debts are debts which are carried by the people and not by business or governments. Household debt is measured by combing the debt of each person in a family. It includes debt like house mortgages, home equity loans, car loans, student loans, credit cards, personal loans, etc. People are frequently using credit cards for their daily shopping, students are taking loans for their higher studies, professional are using home loans, personal loan, etc. to meet their need of luxuries. Carrying household debt has become a kind of worldwide culture and it is growing significantly worldwide especially in developed countries. To get out of household debt is not an easy task. In this article I am going to reveal 10 easy ways to pays off household debt.

Planning for the wedding? 9 smart ways to plan your finance before marriage

Marriage brings happiness and liabilities simultaneously. Premarital financial planning is necessary for happy married life.

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