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Since my childhood, I had been advised to study hard and get the most proficient job. This will secure my life and bring financial stability. I guess many of you were also been advised in the similar manner. This is the most common traditional advice usually given by financially middle and lower-class family parents to their children. They believe a salaried job is the safest and secured option, and it will protect their children from financial risk of debt. They don’t want to take any risk. You might have heard the quote – “Greatest risk of the life is not to take a risk”.

Well, I was advised the same. I studied hard to get a good job and my parent work hard to mate my education expense. Finally, I got a job and started getting a salary. I was pretty sure, now there will be no financial problem in life. Life was going to be very easy. But still there was financial problem every moment of time. What was the problem? Why my salary was not able to solve my financial problems? Why was there a crunch of cash at the end of the month? Was I spending my money in financially intelligent way? How should I utilize my money to cope up with my financial problem? Many more such question started triggering my mind and it forced me to analyse the situation to find the reason behind it.

I felt that during the journey of “Race for Job”, I was so focused to grasp the knowledge of technology, science and engineering, which was required for the job that I missed to develop the financial intelligence. During the race to get the job, we forgot the main purpose of getting the job. The main purpose of the job was to solve the financial problem, and we missed focusing on developing financial IQ. Why did this happen? This happened because we were never been advised or taught in our schools and institutions to develop financial intelligence. All the time we were busy in cracking the exams and our institutions were busy in training us with their tricks to conquering the virtual battle that was the exam. But the real battle was “Financial Independence”. 

It is never too late to start. Therefore, I chose to develop my financial IQ and help many other people like me to cope with their financial problems. Keeping the mission of “A journey to Financial Independence”, I begin my blog with this first article. 

I am coming soon with my next article- “Greatest dept is not to lose a job but to compromise with the job which you are not passionate about”

Please share your feedback about the article in the comment box. I will love to know about your ideas to solve the financial problem. You can also share your financial problem in the comment box.

Published by Rajesh Kumar

Hello! I am Rajesh Kumar. I am an engineer by choice and a writer by passion. I love to analyse different financial situations and express my views on them.

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  1. This topic you have chosen is very essential to every individual and kudos to you for helping spread awareness and knowledge about it to the masses. May your thoughts reach out to the maximum number of people. All the best bro.

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